Low Fat Healthy Vegan Doughnuts

If you know me well, you know I LOVE doughnuts. My choice is maple bars!! Ok now I'm drooling. The problem is, they are not the greatest thing for you. That's totally ok from time to time but I wanted a way to have them a bit more often. Sadly my deep fried maple-y doughnuts just don't make the cut but these ones are a fantastic substitute. I swapped out the oil for apple sauce to make them lower in fat - hello only 1g fat!! I kept the flour because I wanted the texture of a fluffy baked doughnut. But I did replace some of the flour from protein powder so we get some added protein in there and it helps lower the carbs a bit. Lastly, I replaced cane sugar with stevia to lower the carbs and calories without loosing the flavor and sweetness. These little puppies come in at only 90 calories per doughnut and taste amazing! You'll never guess they are vegan, low calorie, low fat, low everything. I might be making these ever week...might :)


2 cups all purpose flour

2/3 cups protein powder (I used LivBody Cake Batter - save 20% with code: coachcassandraoc)