Healthy Blueberry Muffins - Low Fat, High Protein!

Every time I go to Costco, I stare at their blueberry muffins and just drool. They are so good but loaded with sugar and fat. Duh! That's what makes them so tasty right? Well, I am on a mission to make muffins that are tasty AND good for you. Cut out the excess fat, replace the sugar, and add some protein all while still keeping them delicious. Impossible? Nah! Just gotta know what you're doing. Applesauce is a fantastic substitute for oil. It keeps them moist and you don't taste it. There are lots of sugar subs out there that you can use but I chose xylitol for this one. I usually use stevia but I thought I'd switch it up and I was happy I did. They tasted great! LivBody came out with a new protein powder flavor called "Blueberry Cobbler". I really didn't know about this one. Then my mom actually suggested using it in blueberry muffins. It paired super well!! Of course right?! Thanks mom! If you don't have the blueberry cobbler flavor you can use vanilla of course but I highly recommend the blueberry cobbler. I've also used it in my blueberry pancakes it was quite nice!! Anyways, back to the recipe. These puppies come in at only 115 calories which means they make a perfect snack or you can have 2 for breakfast!! Woohoo!! They pair perfectly with coffee...ok gotta go grab one. Cheers!