The Power of Resistance Bands

Are you skeptical about using resistance bands? 🤔 I get it! You see the number of pounds on the dumbbell or kettlebell you are lifting so you can really see your progress as you pick up heavier weights. But what about resistance bands? Can they really help you build muscle or challenge your muscles? Let's explore them shall we..

Resistance bands are a great alternative strength training tool because they are easy to use and super cheap. 🥳 Like cable machines at the gym, they allow you to isolate muscles. Similar to free weights, you can vary the resistance you're pushing and pulling. But unlike weights and cables, bands are a cheap, portable item you can throw into a bag and literally get your workout done anytime, anywhere.🙌

The Benefits

They may look no match for barbells, but resistance bands have a cool muscle-building trick up their sleeve. When performing an exercise, bands place constant tension on your muscles