Punch Sugar Cravings

For most of us, sugar has been a guilty pleasure since the day our grandmothers first said, “All that sugar will rot your teeth.” We may have resisted grandma’s advice then, but it seems like every day there’s more science to back up the argument that we should be eating less of the sweet stuff.

The World Health Organization recommends that free sugars (sugar added to foods) should make up no more than 10 percent of our daily energy (calorie) intake.🤯 Resisting sweet treats can be tough. Sometimes a craving is the body’s way of chasing nutrients we need.

We might crave sugar because our blood glucose levels are low and we need an energy boost. 🔥 That’s no reason to reach for the candy bar, though – more often, there’s a host of other factors at play in driving our sugar urges. Depending on the cause of your craving, here are a few tips to help you fight back.