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Drink more water challenge 💧

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Let’s start a challenge that YOU can be successful at and I bet you will see some incredible results too. So let me tell you why I love the challenge of drinking water consistently to stay hydrated. What does this challenge look like? I’m going to give you a new “lesson” each day on the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. I’m also going to give you a special tip each day. Now the goal is to drink water. MORE than you are drinking now. Set yourself a goal that is just outside your comfort zone. If you are not normally drinking water regularly, then set your goal to switch from x to water. If you do drink water regularly, then set a desired number of glasses/ounces each day. I would recommend AT LEAST 64oz (8 glasses). What happens after the challenge? You’ll look and feel amazing!! What more incentive do you need?! For everyone who completes this challenge (you have to check-in on the website and answer the question each day) you’ll earn yourself a Water Champ badge!

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