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Hypertension-Be-Gone: A Step-by-Step Fitness Plan

  • 3Weeks
  • 35Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Welcome to our comprehensive Hypertension-Be-Gone program, meticulously designed to tackle high blood pressure while promoting overall well-being! Our 3-week journey revolves around a well-balanced exercise prescription, rooted in expert recommendations for managing hypertension. With a holistic approach, we prioritize cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and the essential element of rest for optimal results. Our program comprises six cardio days, integrating four follow-along videos for structured routines, and two personalized cardio days, where you embrace activities you love, making fitness a joyous lifestyle. In pursuit of strength gains, two dedicated strength training days will ignite your muscles with the guidance of follow-along videos, empowering you to unleash your power. And to nurture flexibility, two days are dedicated to stretching – a blend of holding static stretches and joining follow-along videos for comprehensive results. Last but certainly not least: Rest days! To rejuvenate, recover, and avoid overtraining, we honor one full rest day each week, acknowledging the significance of rest in fostering growth and preventing injuries. Our format ensures variety and keeps you engaged while targeting hypertension management. Embrace the prescribed exercises, build consistency, and revel in the remarkable transformation – not only in your blood pressure but also in your body, mind, and spirit. Join our program today!

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