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Cassandra Saindon Fitness

Cassandra Saindon Fitness

Be Strong,

Be Confident,

Be You

Aug 6 Foot Foundations: Building Better Knees from the Ground Up
Aug 6 Foot Foundations: Building Better Knees from the Ground Up
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Aug 06, 2024, 10:00 AM
Sun & Sail Club

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Body Positive

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Attain your health and fitness goals


We focus on a positive and healthy relationship with food, exercise, and body image, promoting long-term results through lifestyle enhancements. Nourish the body and mind with plant-based whole foods, rather than restrictive diets that eliminate food groups.


Make better, more balanced nutritional choices. Workouts are customized and efficient, utilizing HiiT protocols to optimize the time my clients spend exercising. We will establish new habits and make changes, knowing that genuine transformation comes from within.

I encourage my clients to make gradual changes one day at a time, taking consistent small steps in the right direction.

Cassandra Saindon

Personal Trainer  •  Wellness Coach


Hey there! I'm Coach Cassandra: your body positive Certified Personal Trainer that will help you achieve & maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Education | Certification

  • BA Degree in Theater Arts / Dance

  • Certified Personal Trainer from ACSM

  • Specialty Training in Senior Fitness

  • Certified in Total Body Tabata and Yoga Shred

Philosophy | Style

My daily commitment is to demonstrate to my clients that a healthy lifestyle involves a harmonious blend of a balanced diet, exercise, and enjoying life! My upbeat and time-effective sessions aim to deliver the best value for your investment, instilling positivity and vigor in them. I recognize the individuality of each client and acknowledge that a uniform approach is ineffective. Therefore, I personalize each session to cater to my client's requirements, whether in a small group setting or a one-on-one session. Collaboratively, we strive towards overcoming our challenges and achieving desired outcomes.



1-1 Personal Training

Want the VIP experience? 

Sign up for my 1:1 training program where we'll build lean muscle, eat right, and learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Group Classes

In the Lake Forest, CA area?

 join us for in-person classes at the beautiful Sun & Sail Club.  Classes range from cardio, strength, yoga and more!


Classes On-Demand

Prefer to workout from home? 

No problem!  I have a library of 60+ classes to choose from all that you can do from home with minimal to no equipment.

Be strong, be confident, be you!
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Coach Cassandra is not just an excellent cheerleader, but also does all of the work to set up a comprehensive workout routine.

Client Testimonials


Cassandra, Thanks for all of your continual motivation!  Because of your guidance and support, I've managed to lose 7lbs in 3 weeks! 💪💪💪❤️


I've been training with CS Fitness for 2+ years- it's been an awesome experience. Cassandra is an excellent trainer,  motivator and makes each class fun and challenging. The added bonus is you become part of an awesome group of people who become like family. 

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