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CS Fitness is the best place to learn how to achieve and manage a healthy lifestyle, all in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere. To start your journey with us, try a "Free Trial Class" by clicking the button or scroll down to learn more. 


About Me

"Commit to Fit"

Hey there! I'm Coach Cassandra: your body positive Certified Personal Trainer that specializes in achieving & maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

I love being in the health and fitness industry. Coaching others about healthy living is my passion. As I reflect back on my life, I feel that it has been a part of me, even as a young girl.

I spent years working as a flight attendant where I saw people from all over the world and learned how all sorts of people from different backgrounds and cultures stay fit and healthy.  I was so inspired by their stories, I traded in my wings for dumbbells and sneakers, and have hit the ground running ever since

I love the challenges and the satisfaction I get on a daily basis working with my clients and truly feel thrilled to see their progress and achievements. Most of all, I love to be able to help anyone achieve the body they want, while loving and appreciating the one they already have.

Why CS Fitness?

My mission is simple:

To help my clients through dedication and guidance to reach their health and fitness goals. I do not believe in quick fixes or cutting corners for fast or short term results. My approach is to create a positive and healthy relationship with food, exercise, and body image through lifestyle improvements to achieve life long results.

I do not believe in diets but rather in nourishing the body and the mind through plant-based whole-foods. Instead of cutting out food groups I teach my clients to make better more balanced nutritional choices. There is no need to spend hours upon hours at the gym. My workouts are customized and efficient to optimize the time my clients spend working out by utilizing HiiT protocols. We will make changes and create new habits knowing true change comes from the inside out.

My philosophy is to teach clients to make these changes one day at a time through small consistent steps in the right direction. Ultimately, I want to empower my clients by teaching the proper exercises and nutrition habits that will allow them to achieve and maintain their goals. 

My intention is to help my clients discover the best version of themselves and I am committed to sharing as much knowledge as needed to help them get there.

Health Focused


All Levels Welcome



Our Services


In Person Classes

If you are local to the Lake Forest, CA area, join us for outdoor in-person classes at the beautiful Sun & Sail Club or at Serrano Creek Park.  


Online Classes & Programs

Prefer to workout from home?  No problem!  I have a library of 40+ classes to choose from all that you can do from home with minimal to no equipment.


& Semi-Private

Want the VIP experience?  Sign up for my Take Back Your Health program where we'll build lean muscle, eat right, and learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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My 14 month old didn't sleep well last night and I wanted to cancel, but NOPE! I made a commitment so I showed up anyway


Leslie D.

Cassandra, Thanks for all of your continual motivation!  Because of your guidance and support I've managed to lose 7lbs in 3 weeks! 💪💪💪❤️

Candace W.

Coach Cassandra is not just an excellent cheerleader, but also does all of the work to set up a comprehensive workout routine.

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