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Wellness Reset

21 day nutrition and fitness program

Has it been a while since you got any exercise? Or are you currently exercising and getting limited results? Or maybe you have made it your goal this year to change your lifestyle. Sabrina and Cassandra are ready to help!

As a former pharmaceutical/ genetics scientist, Sabrina knows that pills can only take a person so far—the key to true health is the food you put into your body, your level of activity and lifestyle. 

Sabrina and Cassandra have teamed up to offer an all encompassing 21 day program to reset your wellness routine.  This program includes:

  • 6 group classes with Functional Nutrition Scientist Sabrina Hinkis to learn about what to eat and what to avoid as well as guide you on supermarket shopping

  • 6-9 (2 or 3 classes per week) in-person group fitness classes at the Sun & Sail Club with body positive Certified Personal Trainer Cassandra Saindon *option to add more

  • Online on demand fitness classes to complement and supplement in-personal classes

  • Daily schedule to follow

  • Dietary supplements of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals geared for gentle detox and replenish deficiencies

  • Simple food recipes

  • And much more!

Meet The Team


Sabrina Hinkis

Functional Nutrition Scientist

I'm a Functional Nutrition Scientist with over 13 years’ experience in nutrition consulting. I am passionate about using science-driven, holistic methods to achieve wellbeing at all stages of life. As a former pharmaceutical/ genetics scientist, I know that pills can only take a person so far—the key to true health is the food you put into your body, your level of activity and lifestyle. My specialties include diabetes management and reversal, chronic disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gastrointestinal issues, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease and stress reduction. With a bachelors in biochemistry and masters in nutrition.


Cassandra Saindon

Certified Personal Trainer

I'm Cassandra: your body positive certified personal trainer who specializes in helping you slim down and feel lighter as the natural side effect of building lean muscle mass, normalizing your health numbers, and creating sustainable fitness and nutrition changes for life! I've learned how to enhance AND embrace my own body by incorporating a variety of workouts, a [mostly] whole foods plant-based diet, and a lot of self-love - and I've helped many clients achieve the same results. My specialties include Senior Fitness, Behavior Change, Total Body Tabata and Yoga Shred.

Here's what the program will look like

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