Did Covid wreak havoc on your eating habits?
Are your arms and abs jell-o from all the gym closures?
Want that 1-on-1 customization and attention so you can not only achieve your goals, but also maintain it after?
Do you need the knowledge to know what to do and how to do it?


I'm a personal trainer who specializes in building lean muscle mass, shredding fat, normalizing health numbers, and embracing and enhancing your post-partum bod.  I've transformed my own body by adapting HiiT workouts and integrating a whole foods, plant based diet and helped many clients achieve the same results.

I help clients transform their bodies by giving them effective workouts and meal plans customized for their needs. This has given me the unbeatable edge and ensured I have a well defined, goal focused process, and solid framework to lean on.

Now YOU have the opportunity to get my help and Take Back Your Bod!

I'm opening up 5 spots in my busy calendar for individual who don't know where to begin to achieve their weight loss & health goals
This VIP experience isn't for everyone
It's only for you if you...

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