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All are macro-nutrient balanced - meaning that the fats, carbs, and proteins are equally important.  With a balanced macro diet, you are feeding your body a variety of nutrients and not depriving yourself of one essential macro!  Tracking your macros can help you make smart food choices too.  That bag of oreos doesn't have the protein in it, so it's not a smart food choice.  Adding some protein to your pancakes in the morning, balances things out so your body is receiving all nutrients AND you get to eat delicious carb-filled pancakes too!  Tracking macros can benefit everyone no matter what your goals are.  It's super flexible so if your goal is to loose weight, you want to adjust your macros in one direction.  If you are trying to put on lean muscle mass, you adjust another direction.  It's a great way to ENSURE you are getting balanced nutrition. 

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