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When you train with Coach Cassandra, you'll achieve amazing results. Our videos cut to the core of the subjects they cover, dissecting them in ways that are comprehensible and engaging. Whatever your individual goals may be, we’re confident that our Fitness Programs will foster consistent and substantial improvements.

21 day Total Body Transformation

This program is fantastic for a full body change whether that's kickstarting your fitness journey or restarting it.  All is customization to you needs.  Low impact options are always available you can contact me for any modifications

30 day Full Body Strength Training

This program takes you to the muscle factory to reshape your body, trading fat in for muscle.  Worried about "bulking up"?  Don't be!  That takes a long time and pushing your body to the max.  That's not the goal here.  Instead we focus on improving our overall strength while shedding fat.

"I'm a mid forties mom with a four year old I have to keep up with. My health and physical ability is super important to my daily life. It's a struggle to find time to exercise, but I have found without it I can't keep the rest of my life going. The key for me to make it to a daily workout is enjoying the workout and who is there to cheer me on. Coach Cassandra is not just an excellent cheerleader, but also does all of the work to set up a comprehensive workout routine. I know when I work out with her that there will be burpees, but in the best possible way. She keeps me on track to keep up with my life and I just enjoy hanging out with her. Also she has some of the best recipes... my favorite is lentil tortillas....Yummm!"

Candace W.

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