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21 Day Total Body Transformation

This program is fantastic for a full body change whether that's kickstarting your fitness journey or restarting it.  Low impact options are always available you can contact me for any modifications.

Perfect for the beginner to intermediate.


30-day Strength

This program takes you to the muscle factory to reshape your body and build strength.  Worried about "bulking up"?  Don't be!  That takes a long time and pushing your body to the max.  That's not the goal here.  Instead we focus on improving our overall strength while shedding fat.

Are you new to fitness?

Perhaps you are struggling to put together a routine that is achievable and complete?

Do you want every day laid out for you - taking the guess work out of your fitness routine?

Maybe you want to build strength!  While you know the exercises, you need assistance to the order and repetitions to make it effective.

When you train with Coach Cassandra, you'll achieve amazing results. Our videos cut to the core of the subjects they cover, dissecting them in ways that are comprehensible and engaging. Whatever your individual goals may be, we’re confident that our self-paced Fitness Programs will foster consistent and substantial improvements.

Our Programs

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Looser Stronger Hips

This mini program dives deep into hip flexibility and strength.  Focusing only on this area for 2 weeks will give you quick results. 


Tight, weak hips can lead to knee pain, hip pain and poor alignment resulting in injuries if left untreated.

Each day will give you a warmup cardio session, focused strength exercises followed by foam rolling and stretching.

What's the Investment?