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Nutrition services

It's no secret: fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. You can of course have great success with each one individually; but when you put the two together, that is when the real magic happens!


Let's take fitness to start: even if you're absolutely killing it at the gym, it will take you twice as long to gain strength, maximize your endurance, and improve on your overall performance if your diet is filled with nutrient-poor "food-like" items. The same goes for nutrition: you can certainly improve your health by eating a nutritious diet; but it will take you significantly longer if you aren't moving your body, challenging your heart and lung capacity, and conditioning your muscles and joints.

In other words: in order to achieve your best results, you must focus on both!

Unfortunately, the world of nutrition is incredibly confusing these days. Between the media, profit-focused government recommendations, and the ever elusive "diet culture" we all live in, the question of "what to eat" can be an incredibly difficult one to answer. There are so many contradictions, and so much incorrect and misleading information out there. Many times, we find ourselves completely lost!

Fortunately for you, the team here at CS Fitness promotes a groundbreaking nutrition philosophy that's specifically intended to help you break through the confusion and get the most out of your food choices. There are no quick fixes, no shortcuts, no marketing tactics, and no ulterior motives: just real, honest eating recommendations backed by the undisputed foundations of nutritional science.

Body positive nutritionist




Hey there, I’m Sam: a Certified Nutritionist who will never tell you to cut carbs, limit portion sizes,

or restrict your food intake in any way. Why? Because I’ve been there…


After years of struggling with weight anxiety, emotional eating, and over two decades of yo-yo dieting – not to mention a horribly negative relationship with food and my body – I know all too well the harmful effects of diet culture and all the misleading and downright incorrect messages that exist out there about nutrition, weight, and health. Like so many others, I diligently counted my calories, tracked my points, measured my portions, weighed in weekly (sometimes daily), and made more “good vs. bad” food lists than I could ever begin to count – but each and

every time I restricted myself, I ended up bingeing on the exact foods I was trying tirelessly to avoid.


Before I knew it, I was at my highest weight ever. I was physically uncomfortable, mentally exhausted, and emotionally drained. In other words: I was completely miserable! How the hell could THIS approach to eating be healthy? Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. Finally, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I vowed then and there to leave the diet mentality and my

life-long mission to lose weight behind me – and if that meant I stayed “fat forever,” then so be it!


But the craziest thing happened: without even trying, I started losing weight. After ditching all the unnecessary pressures of diet culture, food was no longer intimidating or controlling – it was just … food. My anxiety around

eating disappeared, my binges became nonexistent, and I was finally able to eat the foods I truly wanted … and

the surprising thing was: what I wanted – what I really wanted – were [mostly] nutritious, nourishing foods.

Not because some fad diet told me to eat them or because they fit into a pre-determined calorie range, but

because they made me feel incredible, lighter even: emotionally, mentally, and definitely physically.


As I began rediscovering the joy in eating and watched my weight and health stabilize, I knew what I wanted my new life-long mission to be: to help others achieve their best health and happiness through food – no dieting required!



“Eat [real] food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Michael Pollan, American author and nutritional journalist

Eat for health

Eat for health

We often forget just how amazing it feels to eat health-promoting foods. After all: these are the foods our bodies truly crave! Instead of focusing on calories,

we here at CS Fitness focus on nutrients: a.k.a. the essential components for growth, strength, and the maintenance of life.

Because the most health-promoting nutrients are found in plant-based foods, all of our nutritional recommendations are packed with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and high-quality

plant-based protein.

eat for purity


Once again, our goal is to

deliver you the highest level of nutritional benefit; so wholesome real foods should be the basis of your diet. Unfortunately, so many of us in our society rely far too heavily on overly-processed "food-like" items (that have been stripped away of all their natural, health-promoting nutrients).

It's time to get real with your nutrition! Locally-sourced and organic foods are great (if you have the means); but as long as you focus on [mostly] pure, whole ingredients - straight from Mother Nature herself - you're golden!

eat for balance

EAT FOR Balance

Despite what diet culture might have you believe, carbohydrates are NOT the enemy. Although it may go against everything we're told these days, they are vital components to feeling energized and providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function at its absolute best!


We here at CS Fitness love our carbs! Forget about the Keto craze and instead, aim to balance your nutrition by including the right kinds of carbs (along with lean protein and healthy sources of fat) to create the perfect trifecta of macronutrients in your body!

eat for your soul


Although health is and will always be our number one priority, here at CS Fitness, we firmly believe life is too short to eat nothing but quinoa and kale. The bottom line is, food and eating are important elements of cultural and social life on earth; and to be excessively rigid about what you "can" and "can't" eat 24/7 is just no fun!

We of course love eating healthy foods and promote them as a necessary foundation for our regular diets; but we also allow ourselves grace and flexibility on the days when we simply want to have our cake ... and eat it too!

Sam's Services

Healthy Salad


Take the guess work out of

your nutritional needs with

our nutritionist-approved meal plans. Vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike will enjoy a wide variety of delicious and nourishing meals, complete with shopping lists and step-by-step recipe instructions to make your cooking experience an absolute breeze!

Quinoa Dish in Jar


Whether you're a picky eater, suffer from food allergies, or have any additional dietary restrictions, our customized meal plans are just for you! Sam will meet with you one-on-one to understand your tastes, preferences, and dietary needs, and custom tailor our standard meal plans to suit your

exact specifications.

Talking on phones


If you want to take your nutrition to the next level - and receive personalized guidance and support with your eating habits - be sure to sign up for Sam's one-on-one nutrition coaching. After your initial consultation, you'll meet with her each week for an accountability check-in to see how you're doing on your individual nutrition journey!

Something to note: although some of our clients may experience weight loss, our nutrition services are not intended for weight loss. Because of our non-diet approach to health, we believe that weight loss should be a natural side-effect of self-care, versus an intentional act of self-control.

Instead, our nutrition services are specifically designed to prime your body for performance by ensuring it gets the lean protein and health-supportive carbohydrates and fats it needs to thrive.

Our goal is to teach you how to manage your food intake to create a lifelong lifestyle change.

It's also important to note that CS Fitness believes in bio-individuality: the philosophy that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and nutrition. We are all unique in our biological makeup, and therefore each one of us has our own specific needs when it comes to food and fitness. Because of this, we highly encourage our clients to take advantage of our customized meal plans and one-on-one nutrition coaching services. However, our standard meal plans are a great place to start!

Here's a sample of our standard meal plans...

Standard Meal Plans


“Sam's meal plans are fantastic! I never thought I'd be able to eat pizza, pasta, and chocolate and still achieve my goals! Why eat boring salads when you can eat

the foods you truly love!?” 

—  Jessica, 33