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Hello Friends and Family,

     I am on a fun but important mission to save the lives of kids in my community through Extra Life.  Extra Life is a celebration of the social impact of gamers like me, that benefits Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.   


    This is my 8th year participating in Extra-life, a 24-hour game-a-thon to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. On Game Day, Nov 7th, I'll be joining with over 24k other participants in the 12th year of the Extra-Life event.


    Every year, your donations make miracles happen for families who desperately need help, and this year, the year of COVID-19, they are even more impactful.  You can learn more about how local children's hospitals are being impacted by COVID-19 at


    COVID-19 has left so many of us in uncertain financial times, but if you find the means to be able to donate, you can find my campaign's donation page here or facebook fundraiser here.  Both contribute to the same cause and track toward my pledge goal together.


    This year I'll be striving to stream my gameplay event.  You can expect me to be playing Marvel's Avengers (shout out to Brendon Bengtson, Lead Character artist on the game, and my brother-in-law), Ghost of Tsushima (starting fresh, blind playthrough), and, when the kids would like to join, we'll most likely be playing Minecraft.  I'll be starting on Nov 7th between 9-10am PDT.

Phillip Saindon

In support, I pledge 2 things:  

~For every individual donation, I will do 1 burpee per $10 donated. 

~On the day of the event, I will do 10 burpees for every $100 raised in TOTAL.    

Put me to work and donate today!

Donation Burpees