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Do you have a goal in mind for your health and wellness?  How do you plan on achieving it?  I'm here to help! I can take all the guess work out of the equation for you.  Trying to lower your cholesterol?  I have a formula for you.  Trying to lose weight?  Yup, got you covered.  Suffering from high blood pressure?  Let's lower it!  For each ailment, there is a specific, scientifically proven method of how you should approach fitness.  Each program has been formulated by the American College of Sports Medicine. 

Before beginning any fitness program, you should always consult your physician.


Cardio: 3-5 days/week 30-60 minutes/day
Resistance: 2-3 days/week with 48 hours between
Flexibility: 2-3 days/week


Cardio: 3-5 days/week 30 minutes/day
Resistance: 2-3 days/week non consecutive
Flexibility: 2-3 days/week

Older Adults

Cardio: 5+ days/week.  30-60 minutes/day
Resistance: 2+ days/week
Flexibility: 2+ days/week

Balance: 2-3 days/week

Regular healthy adults should follow general guidelines for a healthy fitness program.  Varying your exercises and intensities will see the best results.

Previously inactive women should progress slowly and build up as tolerated by your body.  Always consult your OB before beginning or drastically changing your exercise routine.  Flexibility training is ideal when done daily.

Healthy older adults should focus on moving daily and adding additional balance exercises to prevent falls.  Progressively adding more difficulty.


Aerobic: 5-7 days/week for 30+ minutes/day
Resistance: 2-3 days/week
Flexibility: 2-3 days/week

Emphasis should be placed on cardio; however, these may be supplemented with moderate intensity resistance training.  Some support exists that resistance exercise alone can low blood pressure, although the evidence is inconsistent.


Cardio: 5+ days/week 30-60 minutes/day
Resistance: 2-3 days/week 
Flexibility: 2+ days/week

Cardio for the purpose of maximizing weight loss is the foundation for lowering your cholesterol.  35-45 minutes of cardio per day is ideal.  That's 7 days a week!  Resistance training and flexibility is secondary.


Cardio: 3-7 days/week for 20-50 minutes each session.
Resistance: 2 days/week non consecutive
Flexibility: 2-3 days/week

For both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, emphasis should be placed on cardio with resistance and flexibilty training as secondary.


Aerobic: 5+ days/week for 30+ minutes/day
Resistance: 2-3 days/week
Flexibility: 2-3 days/week

The goals of exercise during the active weight loss phase are to maximize the caloric burn to enhance the amount of weight and integrate exercise into your daily life to set yourself up for success in weight management.  Start slow and build up!


Cardio: 3-5 days/week 30 minutes/day
Resistance: 2-3 days/week
Flexibility: 7 days/week

In general, if you have arthritis you should follow the recommendations for a healthy adult.  However, you should place greater emphasis on flexibility training to increase the range of motion and to avoid the negative effects of arthritis on joints.

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