Yoga Shred is an incredible combination of Yoga Flow with HiiT!  You start off with a traditional yoga flow to warm up and get loosie goosie.  Then we'll get to work with HiiT - Yoga style.  We'll use the tabata protocol to work on cardio, strength, and balance.  Lastly, we'll cool down with some static stretching.  It's absolutely wonderful.  Give it a try!

Total Body Tabata is my exclusive full body workout that follows the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds work : 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds.  It's the most efficient and best workout you can possibly do.  I switch it up so you we are using the same muscle group each round in different ways and add cardio into the mix for heart health and focused fat loss.  

This class is for all levels but is recommended that you have some exercise experience.  

Get the blood pumping in 15 minutes of cardio.  Followed by 15 minutes of shaping your muscles.  Then rounding things out with a lovely 15 minutes stretch session.  It's your complete workout in one 45 minutes session.

This classes combines cardio and core exercises for focused fat loss and strength training.  Get ready to get that heart muscle working and the belly to be burning!  Most classes won't require any equipment and low impact options are always available.

Cardio is exactly what it sounds like.  Cardio!  For this class we strengthen the heart muscle with some heart pumping exercises.  We'll be switching it up constantly to keep you engaged and energized.  Most classes won't require any equipment and low impact options are always available.

Make the most of your 45 minutes with a full body HiiT class.  Cardio exercises will be mixed together with strength exercises to give you the best of both worlds in a short amount of time.  Children can make full use of the playground reserved specially for our class.  Mama's with super littles can pop them in a baby swing, pack-n-play, or wear them.

Come join us!

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